About Our Business

Who we are

Start with Data is a successful, self-funded data management consultancy that operates on currently a fully remote basis, and with an emphasis on the business value of product data management. We work with a number of clients across retail and distribution, helping them to delight their suppliers and customers with quality focused product data processes, data governance and technology.

We add value to our clients across the entire product data value chain - from product data source identification and acquisition, product information management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM), through to product data syndication.

Spread throughout the UK and Europe, our team and associate network casts a wide net across a multitude of locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds. It’s our differences that make us interesting, and our shared belief in Start with Data's Core Values that bind us together.

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Our Culture

What we stand for

Start with Data's culture is guided by respect, transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback. 

We pledge to be a harassment-free and discrimination-free company. 

We believe people from different backgrounds, with different identities and experiences, make the experience we give our clients, and our company, better – just as our clients are from everywhere, a diverse team helps ensure we create a diverse and value oriented service offering.

We're obsessed with communicating with our clients as well as within the team. We challenge bureaucracy and slow-moving organisations – but we're advocates for well-defined processes and efficient governance . We love lean, iterative improvements, and success is measured by the value we create for our clients.

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Our Method

How we work with clients

We split our business across two areas of consulting

Strategy & Advisory

Strategic consulting across process, data governance and technology. In shape phases of engagements we help clients identify the value of better product data management, advising them on opportunities across the product data value chain and creating a value based roadmap. We also advise on, evaluate and select technologies to support this roadmap.

Generally consultants that support our shape engagements come from either a business architecture and data governance consulting background, or a solution and/or data architecture background.

System Integration

Implement engagements involve the delivery of a number of different technology platforms that we partner with. During this phase we run large delivery projects with or on behalf of our clients, ensuring the platform is delivered on time and to budget. 

We involve delivery consultants across business analysis, solution configuration and data architecture to deliver these projects.

Our Associates

Who we look for

At Start with Data we don't like boxing our associates into specific roles. We much rather engage with you initially to find out about your experience, your goals and if there is a good fit across our entire consulting offer and gauge what you could bring to our client engagements.

Generally we engage with and hire 3 types of consultant levels


You will be 5-7 years into your career. You will have had some experience in contracting as an independent or experience in a junior consulting role in another consultancy.

You will be extremely hands on in the 'doing' side of our engagements, working under guidance of our lead consultants and project delivery support.

Ideally you would have worked on several retail or distributor data projects, ideally around the product data space - for example, eCommerce, Digital, ERP, supply chain or product & supplier management.

Senior Consultant

You will be 7-10 years into your career. You will have established yourself as an expert in your domain. You would have extensive experience in contracting as an independent or experience in a mid-senior level consulting role in another consultancy. You will be expected to lead a work stream or a team of consultants, ensuring our methodology is followed. You will facilitate workshops and be confident in leading and pushing clients to drive consensus. You will plug yourself into our client and be great at client relationship and stakeholder management. Sometimes you will have to roll your sleeves up! You will also be comfortable supporting pre-sales activity.

Lead Consultant

You will be 10-15 years into your data consulting career. You are a leading expert and excellent communicator, a visionary in your discipline. You will fully understand the retailer and distributor product data value chain. You will have knowledge of market trends in this space, and have a mature network across the retailer and distributor market. You will be able to shape strategies, working with executive level stakeholders in our clients, and have the confident to be left to your own devices. You will also confidently contribute to Start with Data's go to market strategy, pre-sales activities working with our founders.

Our Leadership Team

Ben Adams
Founder & CEO
Clare Adams
Co-Founder & COO
Joanna Hall
Head of Talent, Resourcing & People Operations